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Coughing is 'symptom' - it is a natural response to different conditions such as bronchitis, kennel cough, a piece of grass stick in the throat, or other reasons. That is why it is important to understand why your dog is coughing.

Chronic bronchitis (CB) is an inflammatory airway disease, which, in association with tracheobronchial collapse, is probably the most common chronic canine airway disorder. Inflammation within airways causes chronic cough and excessive mucus production. Because, dogs canít expectorate (spit), it is not always easy to know if the dog is making increased airway mucus. Therefore, the diagnosis of CB is usually based on chronic cough alone.

The kits below are not a substitute for veterinary care. They are designed to offer safe, non-toxic, no side effect support for dogs with bronchitis.

If your dog has chronic bronchitis you need to take a broader approach in natural support. Chronic bronchitis differs from acute tracheo-bronchitis in being mucoid rather than a dry hacking cough. Chronic bronchitis may be easily excited by extraneous factors such as frequent movement, exercise and palpation of the chest and throat. Thus the symptoms tend to ameliorate (improve) when the dog rests. Often chronic bronchitis will develop as a sequel to some other infectious disease of a systemic nature, probably viral. It is also seen in older animals with accompanying heart weakness.

While it is important to address the presenting symptoms it is equally important to take a holistic approach. Diet and the environment need to be looked at. External factors such as carpeting, lawn chemicals, household cleaners, smoke, and pollution will aggravate symptoms. Diet needs to be pure, fresh foods that help to eliminate metabolic wastes and eliminate fluid retention and keep excess weight down thus improving the overall respiratory health.



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