Supporting and strengthening your dog's immune system is one of the keys to good health - remember though - it all starts with the diet!

Diet is the foundation of good health and the living nutrients in fresh food will naturally enhance the dog's immune system.

What is the immune system? Interestingly, it's not just one thing! It is actually several complex and inter-related systems working together to fight disease, remove toxins, build blood, destroy invading viruses, nourish and support organs, plus many other functions.

Sometimes dogs' immune systems need a little boost. During stressful times, a health challenge or as our friends age, it is often useful to add gentle support to a depressed immune system.

You should also know that what we are trying to do is strengthen and support - not over-stimulate the immune system.

The herbal formula below is a perfect way to support your dog's immune system!

Immune Booster

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