Urinary Incontinence - Over the years, our Leaks No More urinary incontinence homeopathic remedy for spay and old age incontinence has been one of our most successful remedies. Homeopathy is SAFE and works in most cases of leaking at night or after a rest.
Complete instructions are provided to guide you through the use of this remedy - including how to use Leaks-No-More with other veterinary meds - and wean your dog off dangerous drugs. The liquid drops are easy to give! Homeopathy has NO side effects and is FDA approved. Many people see results in 3 or 4 days.
NOTE: There are several reason for incontinence - among them are injuries, bladder infections, hormones or certain diseases.
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leaks testimonials


A few testimonials

Lulu is fourteen years old and has only begun having incontinence problems in the last year.  I am so happy to find a homeopathic remedy for her (I use homeopathic remedies for myself and have found them very effective).  Leaks no More has stopped the dribbling while she sleeps. In many ways, she still behaves like a young dog.  (Even the vet is amazed to hear how old she is.)  I'm happy to find such an effective product for her needs. Mary M.

Dear Michael and Marlene - I have used this product (Leaks No More) in the past with my then 6 year old Golden Retriever. When we first adopted her, she leaked all the time in her sleep. I must say, after just 2 bottles of this amazing stuff, she 'leaks no more'. She is now 8 years old and we haven't had an accident in quite a long time. Paula O.

Dear NaturalCanine.com:  My daughter Mia and I want to thank you. Our 11 year old sheperd mix, Julie, had begun leaking urine a couple of months ago, and it had worsened to the point where we had difficulty enjoying her company. Her quality of life was suffering, because she'd begun to develop a rash from the constant moisture (urine). Frequent baths and the application of corn starch helped some, but we have a busy life, so found it difficult to keep up with her care. Plus, we weren't curing her, but treating symptoms only. After starting her on Leaks No More, she began improving almost immediately. Within a few days, the leaking had diminished significantly. Now, after a couple of weeks (and we weren't even very diligent about giving the medicine exactly as described, missing doses some days entirely), the leaking has stopped. I have long been an advocate of homeopathic cures for human beings ... now I know homeopathy also works for dogs. Thanks again for helping us maintain a healthy happy relationship with our furry friend. SM & MM

I love your products, my 3 year old weimaraner was on a path to start PPA and I didn't want to do it.  The side effects and the idea of a drug for the rest of her life was not settling.  The vet tried all sorts of drugs to help my dog and all had a short term fix.  Until....Now. I am happy to say my dog hasn't had any accidents since two weeks after I started her on your products.  I mix the sea mussel in her food and the drops in her water.  It's been a life saver for my dog and my house. Thanks Carey C

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