What is Discoid Lupus Erythematosus?
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE) is a skin condition of dogs that typically causes a loss of color (discoloration) on the hairless part of the nose. A black nose may fade to gray or pink. The discoloration can be accompanied by ulcers and bleeding. The surrounding skin may also look abnormal, and rarely, the disease affects other parts of the skin.

The Natural Canine developed this support kit for dogs with lupus that affects the nose. While not a cure, we have had scores of testimonials over the years indicating that the condition improved or the remedies were as good or better than steroid treatment.

Unlike steroids, our homeopathic remedies have no side effects! The kit's intention is to be palliative, meaning the remedies address the symptoms (dry, cracking and bleeding nose skin). Please understand that Lupus is an auto-immune disorder - there is no 'cure' either with this kit or by conventional drug therapy.

The degree of  success reported back to us varies from 20-90% - the difference being the wide variety of factors involved with each individual dog.

The Natural Canine developed this support kit and we have found several imitators on the web claiming to have the same kit. Please beware.

Just a few testimonials at the bottom of the page

Lupus (discoid)

I think your supplements for Discoid Lupus are amazing. Even my Vet can't believe the results that I've had. My Lab/Shepard mix was a rescue with serious problems with her nose. The Vet at the rescue center handed me stroids and anti-biotics and said she had Discoid Lupus and we would have to treat her with these medications for the rest of Cricket's life.(The disease was the reason she was left behind by the previous owners).  After doing the research, seeing the ill effects of using this mediction, I figured that I didn't have anything to lose taking the holistic route. I am so glad I did.  When I started using the products, her nose was completly covered in bloody scales from the tip of her nose, across the bridge almost to her eyes. It took us a year to get down to just a little pink spot on the tip of her nose. Even the areas that we thought would never come back because of all of the scaring, are fine. Her hair grew back on the bridge of her nose. Even the Black on her nose returned. I know that I will have to continue to use your products to some extent to keep the disease at bay, but I feel more comfortable using these product instead of the alternative. Also, by trial and error, I discovered that you have to keep up with the entire program to get the results needed.

Thanks so much! Also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the lupus kit....we've only been using it for two weeks and are seeing a dramatic change! I didn't get her diagnosed for lupus but researched it and her symptoms were exact---didn't want to put her on meds because of the terrible side effects I've heard about and wanted to try your approach first. I took before pics and will take after pics and take it to my vet in a week or so. Thanks again for your great products!

Hi Michael.
Shelby's red, crusty nostril looks better. It has always been just his right nostril, now I notice his left nostril is pink. It is no where close to how red his right nostril was when I contacted you. I have given him the components of the Lupus kit for 1 week and I see the crustiness has gone away and the black pigment is starting to return. - SL

OK, that was magic.
Our 13 year old Aussie Cattle dog mix has been suffering from Lupus on his nose. The vet charged us hundreds of dollars for a biopsy (we knew what is was before the biopsy), steriods and antibiotics. His nose got no better, in fact it got worse. His hearing was not great but now he is almost completely deaf. We suspect that it was the antibiotics that did that. Finally we tried your remedies and guess what? Four weeks later his nose is completely, 100% healed. Thank you TH

Hello, First, I must say thank you for your canine lupus kit. Our Australian Shepherd, Roy, had a terrible issue with his nose until we used your products and our vet can't believe it all cleared up without steroids! So, I thank you and Roy thanks you as he is not going to have to have a biopsy on his nose!!!
I also sent two of our neighbors to your site as they have dogs that itch after swimming and hiking...you folks are great! - DG

Dear Michael and Marlene,
I just wanted to thank you for offering such a wonderful alternative. Our dog Mickey, a border collie, husky, shepherd mix started to develop discoid lupus. If it got any worse our vet wanted to perform a biopsy and then possibly start him on oral steroids for this. I really wanted to find a less painful and traumatic alternative for him, as he has already had problems and had to have an eye removed for a benign tumor. I searched the Internet and luckily found your web site. I started him on the program and the results have been remarkable. The disease has definitely not worsened and in fact the discoloration is significantly reduced. I now have him on the maintenance regimen. Thank you so very, very much for providing such a wonderful alternative. Sincerely, KE


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